Electronic management system for the drawings and photogrphs of the documentation - study of the restoration of the palace of Galerius in Thessaloniki.

For the organization and management of the digitized drawings and photographs related to the documentation, study, and restoration of the Palace of Galerius in Thessaloniki, an online application was created to allow the quick and effective use of the above archives by outside users.

The online database manages images, drawings, and texts and is composed of four archives: the archive of monuments, the archive of photographs, the archive of drawings, and the archive of studies. The archives include images and information on the corresponding documents. Each document (photograph, drawing, or study) is linked to the monument to which it refers. The contents of the document are described through specific codified information (keywords) and can be linked to the six groups/screens of specific information in the monument archive.

The documents in the online database and accompanying information can be retrieved on the basis of simple or advanced search criteria by one or more simultaneous users.


The environment for the operation of the app is based on Microsoft .NET and WPF technology. The comprehensive solution has been structured at two levels:

1. The app level (the program with which end users work). The app level saves, retrieves, and modifies data, making use of the data level (without which there could be no application).

2. The data level (the database where the data are stored).

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