The palace was built on the outskirts of the city beside its eastern walls. The complex, which covered a large area, was incorporated into the city’s urban plan, following the layout of its streets. To the south it extended almost to the sea (Mitropoleos Street). Its western boundary must have been on Apellou Street, where the building remains of a Roman structure, probably a theater, were found (Apellou St.).

Two building units linked by the “Arch of Galerius” (Kamara) are discernible. Our tour begins from the north building complex starting from the Rotunda and followed by the “Arch of Galerius” and the area south of the arch. This is followed by a tour of the south building complex including the “Apsidal Hall” (D. Gounari Street sidewalk, section between A. Svolou and I. Michail Streets) and buildings belonging to the archaeological site in Navarinou Square (the Basilica, the central building complex, the two-storied building, the baths, and the Octagon).