The restoration of the Palace in Navarinou Square began in 1994 funded by the 2nd Community Support Framework. The work was carried out and supervised by the 16th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, in accordance with the approved plans. The problems of protecting and conserving the masonry, filling in the lacunae, and carrying out the aesthetic restoration of the ancient floors were addressed by following the principles of the Charter of Venice. More specifically, the principles adopted were that:
1. the authenticity of the monument and all its construction phases should be respected;
2. rebuilding based on hypothesis should be avoided and the interventions be limited to what is absolutely necessary;
3. materials and technologies alien to the original techniques should not be used;
4. the interventions should be reversible;
5. the construction phase surviving today should be restored;
6. the lacunae should be restored;
7. the interventions carried out in 1970 should be addressed in a critical spirit;
8. the proposals put forward by the plan should be constantly monitored on site;
9. the interventions should be fully documented with drawings and photographs.

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