Within the framework of the research program ΝΑΤΟ Science for Stability GR - Restoration : Materials for consolidation and restoration of monuments and historical buildings. Criteria for their suitability for intervention (1993-1998), which was prepared in collaboration with Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Laboratory of Building Materials under the supervision of Professor I. Papagianni, an in-depth study was carried out on the technical attributes of the bricks and the composition of the mortars used in the construction of the buildings’ walls, including their building phases, marble revetments, and ancient floors. Knowledge of these materials aided the preparation of new mortars compatible with the ancient ones, without—or with a minimum of—cement. The preparation and application of the mortars was done on site in accordance with the specifications set by the study. While this initially caused some difficulty for the non-specialist personnel during the initial interventions, both preparation and application procedures were later fully accepted, forming a sort of quality assurance for the work being done.

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